Geoectomy Photography


Geoectomy Photography used to be based on WordPress, but too many attacks and the increased bandwidth that brought us forced us to shut it down. We'll be back soon with a different content-management system.

Recent Events:

If you're looking for photos from recent events, here's where to find them:

So, How do I get my images?

If you have located yourself in either of the above galleries, please follow one of the options below:

When you message us, please include the event name and the image or set number (imprinted on each image) you're in. It would also really help if you told us who you cosplayed (character name and what canon it's from).  We will respond with a link to a dropbox directory that has your images.

We chose Dropbox because it allows you to download a zip-file of the entire directory, allowing you to get all your images at once!